Online Marketing and Video Editing


Our proven model was developed after years of expensive self-experimentation, online courses and finally success after success with various products and clients. We meet with our new clients in a free-consultation session and obtain the information necessary to begin our own research on the product or service that needs to be boosted. We then develop first draft ad’s and share them with the client for details and changes. Several ad’s are developed and launched for desktop and mobile and successful ad’s continued and less successful ad’s discontinued.


Our FREE-initial consultation with new clients is a get to know each other session with detailed information about their product or service. We ask for specific information about demographics, budgeting, product or service, target goals, client involvement, parent company compliance issues, delivery, target dates and a host of other issues. Client involvement may include specific needs of insisting upon wording on images or both to letting our team handle the entire project ourselves. Our goal is to take care of you and make sure you feel we will do our level best to get you and your business the attention that it deserves and desires!




Once the initial consultation ends, we then immediately begin researching the product or service for more information. We examine the history, current impact, sales revenue, popularity and reasonable expectations of the product or service. Our next objective is creating a first draft ad, then sent to the client via a preview link. The client reviews the ad for accuracy, potential impact, make suggestions or insist upon necessary changes. If necessary, a 2nd draft is produced and the same process is revisited until such time a final draft is reached and launching of the ad’s begin.




For those unfamiliar with creating a Facebook fan page or unable to fine tune it to their liking, we provide that service. Make sure to inquire about this with us if your Facebook fan page is not up to your standards.




A Facebook fan page won’t be successful until it has plenty of Likes. In most instances we can do this for pennies on the dollar. Make sure to inquire about this with us if your Facebook fan page needs more Likes.






Product and service variability preclude our ability to guarantee the success of any particular ad set, however we can guarantee that we will give every effort and attention to detail your business deserves. Allow us to complete your marketing campaign to make your product or service a tremendous success!


We offer expert video editing services to create your ad’s with the highest quality and to suit your every unique needs. With over a decade of experience, we  deliver high-quality video editing service to produce a video that you will be proud to show with your online ad’s and play over and over again.

In addition to creating video’s for your online ad’s, we offer outsourcing options to entrepreneurs in both large and small companies, corporate needs such as training and product videos, short film makers, documentary film-makers, news agencies as well as individual videos like weddings, birthdays and holiday videos.

We maintain a top tier infrastructure featuring the latest video editing software including Adobe Premiere Pro CC® and Vegas Movie Studio®.