About Us

Paul Sanchiett, M.A.

PraxisCR (PCR) was created in 1996 by Paul Sanchietti (President) to establish programming, training and technical support for the Sawtooth Technologies, Inc. Ci3/CATI system.  PCR has since expanded to include services for Sensus Web and Sensus/WinCati/Mixed Mode software including Online Marketing and Business Research services.  Additionally, Paul has created a Laboratory and Optimization Training program for organizations seeking to operate a research call center efficiently and productively.

Paul has programmed over 1000 questionnaires and conducted over 200 training sessions, over half of which have been with universities from across the United States.  Additionally, Paul has conducted training’s in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, Malaysia, Hawaii, United Arab Emirates and Macau, China

Paul Sanchietti has an Associate of Arts degree in Psychology from Santa Rosa Junior College, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from California, State University, Sacramento and a Master of Arts degree in Psychology, with an emphasis in Organizational and Sports Psychology, from California, State University, Sacramento.

Graduating with his M.A. degree in 1987, Paul began working for the Center’s for Disease Control (CDC) Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Study (BRFSS), a project conducted in conjunction with the State of California.  Research on the BRFSS, which originally used a CATI system other than WinCati, examined life risk factors such as cigarette smoking, seat belt usage, drinking, etc.  Ci3/CATI became the CATI system of choice for California and the CDC in 1991.  After seven years with the State of California, Paul began working with a private sector research firm in San Francisco, CA.  Director of CATI Operations, Paul successfully programmed, operated and trained associates in using the Sawtooth Ci3/CATI system.  Having become experienced and well-versed in Ci3 and CATI, Paul established PCR in 1996 in partnership with Sawtooth Technologies, Inc.

As technology changed, re-invention became necessary.  The more recent years have become a period of intense education, hands-on experimentation and exponential growth in the complex field of successful online marketing.  Many aspects of online marketing had and were mastered:  search engine optimization (SEO), user experience (UX), user Interface (UI), online marketing, branding services and products, website design, video production, and graphic design. The educational process revealed that having an on-line presence is one thing, having a successful on-line presence is quite another.

Paul Sanchietti is also a California licensed and works part-time as a massage practitioner and a personal trainer.


Adela Esparza-Sanchietti, M.S.N.

Media Production

Adela has over 20 years nursing experience working in Community and Mental Health settings. A recent work change made her reflect on her own career needs and how she could continue to aid people in a positive and productive way. Adela’s graphic design, video editing, media photograhy and other excellent computer skills give her the opportunity to assist this dynamic process to help existing members and future associates meet their business potential.

In 2005, Adela returned to college and earned a Master’s degree in Nursing from Sacramento State University with an emphasis in On-line Education. This educational endeavor taught her many skills, several of which transferred to her current desire to help in a multi-faceted manner; writing, communication, graphics, and audio/visual productions.

In her personal time, Adela enjoys traveling and mentoring at-risk youths. She also participates in a Meet-up that she and others created to encourage and promote local women in business.